Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the application process?

We will send a secure online application form to you, once completed it will be submitted to the relevant funder who will complete a credit proposal on you or your business.

Depending on the type of application and funder, you may be required to supply 3 months bank statements, payslips or any supporting identification. In addition, business users may need to provide a full set of trading accounts.

The decision can take up to 48 hours, however, in some instances it may be sooner.

Q: Are there any eligibility requirements?

All applicants must be over the age of 18, and have been a UK resident for a minimum of 3 years.

For Business Contract Hire, companies must have at least 1 UK based director or proprietor. Depending on the funder we use to achieve the best price we may require other criteria.

Q: Do I need to sign any paperwork?

You will need to sign a vehicle order form to confirm the vehicle and contract type/term that we are ordering on your behalf is correct. Once the order is confirmed, we will require signed contract agreements, depending on the funder this can be completed online. In addition, we may require further identification, i.e. driving licence/passport/utility bill.

Q: What is the deposit or payment required in advance on your agreement?

Depending on the underwriting application, all agreements will require at least one month’s initial rental/payment. Sometimes a dealer may ask for a deposit to order the vehicle if it is of an unusual specification.

All quotations are subject to an administration fee of £150.00 + VAT. This payment will be required prior to delivery.

Q: Is there a minimum and maximum contract length?

Our contract terms are normally for a minimum of 24 months or a maximum of 60 months, depending on the annual mileage. We do offer flexi rent which enables you to take a vehicle over a shorter period (Business Users Only).

Q: Is there a minimum and maximum mileage allowance?

Depending on the funder, the mileage can range from 5,000 to 50,000 miles per annum. If the contracted mileage is exceeded, there will be an excess mileage charge. This is stated on the vehicle order form and agreement.

Q: Are all the vehicles you supply brand new?

All vehicles that we supply are either new or pre-registered with delivery mileage. We do have the facility to quote used vehicles up to 9 months that have been sourced independently.

We do not take vehicles in part exchange but may be able to speak to the supplying dealer of the new vehicle who may be able to give you a price for it.

Q: How do I make my monthly payments?

All monthly payments are taken by direct debit and must be from a bank account that matches the applicant.

Q: How long does it take for my car to be delivered?

Your account manager can provide you with an estimated timescale upon placing your order, this will depend on if the vehicle is in stock or has to be built at the factory.

Q: Can I have my vehicle delivered?

We can deliver your vehicle to anywhere in the mainland UK Monday – Friday during business hours. However, depending on the funder and their underwriting requirements delivery may be required to either the applicants home or work address. Most deliveries are driven, we can request a transporter but this may carry an additional cost.

Q: Can I nominate a supplying dealer?

We can consider a nominated dealership, however we prefer to use our network of suppliers as we have agreed an excellent pricing structure.

Q: Do I have to service and maintain my vehicle?

If you have chosen a customer maintained agreement you will be responsible to service and maintain the vehicle during the life of the contract in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines at a main franchised service centre. This will be at your own expense.

If you have opted for a full-maintenance agreement then you simply call the designated number provided and they will arrange for the work to be carried out by an approved local supplier. 

Q: Will my vehicle come with a warranty?

All new vehicles come with a manufacturer’s warranty, the length will be dependent upon the vehicle you have chosen.

Q: What is DPF?

DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter. Please follow link for more detail on whether this type of vehicle may be suitable for your requirements.

Q: If I take full maintenance, what does that include?

Maintenance agreements including all routine servicing, repairs, maintenance and tyres, due to normal wear and tear, subject to contracted mileage limitations.

Q: Do I have to insure the vehicle?

The individual or business named on the agreement will be responsible for arranging fully comprehensive cover for the entire duration of the contract and whilst the vehicle is still with you.

Q: Do I own the vehicle?

This depends on the type of agreement you have chosen. For full details, please visit the finance options section of our website. The V5 will remain with the owner of the vehicle (finance house) during the term.

Q: How do I tax my vehicle?

All business/personal contract hire agreements include RFL (road fund licence) for the life of the agreement. The vehicle will be taxed upon delivery and the funder will automatically renew. Other finance agreements may vary.

Q: Can I take my vehicle to Europe?

To enable you to take the vehicle out of the mainland UK you will require a VE103B certificate. This is available upon request from your funder. A contact number can be provided.

Q: Can I return my vehicle before the end of my agreement?

You can early terminate your agreement, however, there will be a charge for this.

Q: What happens at the end of the contract?

Our team will usually write to you 6 months before the end of the agreement to remind you that the lease/term is due to expire. The options available to you will be detailed within. Dependent on the agreement, you may be able to purchase or extend the agreement further.  

Prior to collection, vehicles are expected to be in a reasonable condition as stated in the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear guidelines, we can provide a link for this. 

Q:  Is my vehicle collected at the end of the agreement?

Once the vehicle is ready for collection, you must advise your account manager who will then arrange a suitable collection date/address with you. Please allow sufficient notice for this.

Prior to collection, vehicles are expected to be in a reasonable condition as stated in the BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear guidelines, we can provide a link for this.

Do you have a code of conduct?

As members of the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA) we adhere to the Leasing Broker Members Code Of Conduct. The Code is the embodiment of what both we and the BVRLA stand for - quality, integrity and value for money.  We are committed to these principles and will honor them by our actions which reinforces the message of 'use only a BVRLA Leasing Broker Member' - only then can you be assured of proper standards of quality, service and value. 

Q: Is there a complaints procedure?

We have a complaints procedure available upon request.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

Prior to delivery, you can cancel your order. You will be liable for cancellation charges usually equivalent to 3 monthly rental.